India as a tourist destination is abundance of cultural as well geographically diversified hidden gems. It attracts people not only locally but also from all across the globe year round. India among the countries of the world is vastly known for its travel and tourism. Be it any niche of travel say adventure, spiritual, tranquil or history, name it and India has a destination for it all. India definitely proud itself in being the most diversified country with its distinction in climate, geography, cuisine, language and culture.

Hence, if you have not made your travel plans for this year, India definitely should be on your hit list as it will surely give millions reasons for it to be.

Let’s have a look at why you should visit India this year?- 10 reasons

1. Fits right into your budget:

What could be more economical than travelling to India? From getting affordable luxurious stays to cheap eat out to travelling around the country in just few pennies, it surely holds true in being among the most budget travel destinations in the world. 

2. Culture can be experienced in its purest as well as diversified form:

India is the most culturally awakened and diversified countries. Every nook and corner of this place will showcase a unique culture worth experiencing. And if your visit coincides any festivity you can live the culture at its best.

3. Extraordinary cuisines to tickle your taste buds:

Of course! Any travel is incomplete if you have not let your palate enjoy. From fine dining experience to street corners, every destination of India has its own unique delicacy to flaunt its visitors for a never to forget experience. From form of cooking to the delicacy itself, it will surely take you for a palatable ride.

4. Right nudge to your spiritual side:

With every destination of this country is flooded with ashrams and temples, it is sure place for people looking out for some peace of mind and getting in touch with their spiritual side. If I could list one which tops it all, never miss out the Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand for a out of world experience.

5. Mindfulness at its peak:

People from all across the world visit India to learn and master the art of living through Yoga. Many centres, as well as ashrams, offer Yoga on short term as well as long term basis. What better way to get for peace and mindfulness but practise Yoga, which by the way India is a hub for.

6. Natural healing- Ayurveda:

Another interesting and fascinating part of this country is its practice of natural healing or Ayurveda. Be it any form of ailment or simply to rewind your tiring self, visit Ayurveda healing centres or resort spread over in India to find a rejuvenated you. Just a small tip, South of India is widely popular for such Ayurvedic resorts or Spas.

7. Rewinding history and appealing architecture:

From monolithic statues, world heritage sites to archaeological treasures to majestic forts, India does have a abundance of it to fall in love with its history. Every historical site in India has its own story to tell that it will leave you awe-struck.

8. Experience year-round festivities:

India as a destination is widely popular for its year-round festivities of cultural diversification. From adding colour, light, pompous and joy, your visit to this splendid country will be worth multiple visits.

9. Shoppers paradise:

Yes! India can also be considered a shopper’s paradise with its cheap street shopping to chic places. If looking out for artefacts, jewellery, clothes, handicrafts or simple souvenirs to take back home, it has it all.

10. Experience bits of other countries

Another interesting yet fascinating part of India is that you can find a pinch of other parts of the world imbibed here in India. Be it a glimpse of France in Pondicherry or Portugal influence in Goa or the age-old architectural buildings in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai having a part of Britain in it yet, it does relives some parts of the world.  

Rest assured, India as a travel destination does have a bit of everything. Hence dodge no more but pack your bags and travel to India this holiday year!!

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