Home is the place, where you are most comfortable. When you are travelling you often miss that comfort. Traveling becomes fun when you are staying in a hotel where you feel like home. Nevertheless, not all hotels offers you the same feeling. Here are five tips that help me make any hotel room feel a bit more like a home.

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1. Pack everything that you may need.

Get a “travel-sized”pack (the mini packs) of every product you would require, such as deodorants, toothpastes, shampoos and conditioners, makeup, skincare, and lotions. When you have everything you use of your own preference, you feel the comfort of being at home. You need not have to depend on the toiletries provided by the hotel, which usually doesn’t match the quality of products you actually use every day. 

2. Ensure Sound Sleep

Many people find it difficult to adjust when they sleep at different place or different environment carry a black out eye mask and ear plugs with you, so that you are able to take off the focus from the outside environment. After all, a good night sleep is must for recharging your body for the next day adventures.

3. Make your hotel bed and keep a tidy room.

A clean, organized space allows for a creative and open mind. Though cleaning your room is the responsibility of the hotel staff, but if you keep your things organized and at least your bed tidy, you will feel comfortable as if you are at home. Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, in both the cases, you want to make sure that your mind and body are relaxed and comfortable

Besides, there are the chances that your hotel room isn’t so big, so if you keep your things scattered half-empty suitcases, and an untidy bed, you will find your mind cluttered too, with not space for yourself. Rather than that, unpack as soon as you check in, organize your things at given places (closets, bathroom, work desk etc.) as soon as possible. So that you can free up your mind from the hustles of packing and unpacking

4. Carry your favourite snacks.

We all have some favourite food or beverage that we like to munch, perhaps while working or watching television. Although most of the time hotel offer a mini bar; but having your preferred snack with make you feel better. Moreover the cost of the stuff inside the mini bar is usually at the higher side.  On the other hand, you may not find the taste of the food served at the hotel, close to the taste you are used to; especially when you are travelling internationally. Having these snacks with you will save you from starving. These snacks can be something that you could use a little more of on the road.

Following these small tips can help your stay calm and enjoy your trip more. You wouldn’t be fully missing the touch and comfort of being at home.

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