5 Less Travelled roads Near Delhi

For those who really are into travel, the best way to explore and discover to hit the roads. If you reside in NCR – National Capital Region, then you have a plenitude of escapes via roads. A road trip with the people you love is the best way to create memories. Laugh, sing, and drive together while reaching your destination.

Here’s a list of the road trips from Delhi which you should definitely take upon.

1. Delhi to Ramgarh

Ramgarh is one destination for which a road trip can be deemed suitable. You will experience real fun right after Haldwani when you will start seeing hills and the beauty of nature will unfold in front of you. You will cross a few beautiful destinations like Bhimtal and Nanital where you can see the pristine lakes in both the towns. You can stop by these places and spend some time. Once you reach Ramgarh, you will be absorbed in the tranquil atmosphere which will calm you down.

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2. Delhi to Dalhousie

The road trip from Delhi to Dalhousie is one of the best trips as the destination is blessed with enchanting beauty. While driving from Delhi to Dalhousie, you can make a stop at Chandigarh. The journey is almost 560 kilometers, which may almost take 10 hours. While you reach the destination, you will be treated with some great scenic beauty. Roads of Dalhousie are famous for its shape as 8, actually, the road surrounding two adjacent hill joints take the shape of 8.

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3. Delhi to McLeod Ganj

Driving from Delhi to McLeod Ganj via Chandigarh is one of the best road trips. When you will start early morning, you can reach Chandigarh without any traffic of Delhi NCR. You can reach McLeod Ganj through Dharamshala and have a great experience with wonderful panoramic views which will leave you mesmerized. Once you are at the destination, you will not only see but also feel the beauty of the place. It has great cafes and restaurants to treat your taste buds. You will find foreigners travelling just like local people and you will find all types of cuisines whether you love Italian, Continental, or Tibetian food.

4. Delhi to Sattal

Sattal is an amazing place that is nestled in hills. A road trip to Sattal will let you enjoy and absorb the nature at its best. The views at Sattal are enchanting and you will find yourself lost in the spectacular splendor of nature. As you reach higher altitudes, you will find clouds all around you and the experience will be magical. With every turn you take and each mile you cover, nature will surprise you and you will be compelled to capture each moment in the camera.

5. Delhi to Narkanda

Narkanda is commonly known as The Gateway to Apple Country, it is located 1.5 hours’ drive away from Shimla, towards Rampur on NH 22 – also known as The Hindustan Tibetian Road. This place is away from the chaos of city life, this valley welcomes you with breath-taking scenery of snow-covered peaks in winters and blushing cherry/blossoms in summer. These blossoms turn into the fruit in autumn which is plucked and exported to the other regions or are processed into a special apple wine, which is exclusive to the region. The road trip has its own charm when you drive through the narrow curvy road lined with tall green pine and deodar trees.

These are the less-traveled roads around Delhi. Which, should be definitely hit on, to find some peace. Suit up to experience the best rides of your life!

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