In order to get a pure depiction of the modern architectural wonder in India, then what better than the Lotus temple in Delhi. If after white wonder of Taj Mahal, something that brings a bell in form of elegant beauty is this Bahai temple. Not only considered as a tourist destination but also a centre for peace, meditation, and prayers among people from all across the globe. It is one the most beautiful religious destinations in India and a must inclusion in your travel plan to Delhi. The floral structural design of temple i.e. in form of a lotus made of pure white marble and surrounded with ponds and garden is what draws in a lot of attention among tourists and art enthusiast. The lotus symbol is being chosen as it is common to all four religions. Unlike any religious structure, this opens door to people of any faith to pray or meditate. Another interesting trivia about this marvellous monument is that it is one of six Bahai temples situated across the globe. Being situated in one of the prime locations of Delhi, there are a lot of luxury to budget hotels in Delhi in close proximity to the monument.

So, visiting Delhi for be it any reason or purpose, a drop into this architectural marvel should be done without fail. Let’s dig deep into this monument to know and plan better.

How to reach?

Delhi is the hub of this world-famous religious monument which is well connected by Air/Rail/Road domestically and internationally. Kalkaji metro station of Violet line of Delhi metro is the most convenient approach locally to reach the temple. Even Delhi tourism conducts varied city tours in its Hop on and Hop off bus services in which stopover in this temple is part of it.

Best time of visit?

Months of October to March are the ideal time to visit this temple without weather being a hindrance. The best time of the day is 9.00 AM-6.00 PM (Tuesday- Sunday).

Things to do on your visit?

What should you look out to experience while visiting the temple?

  • Spend some time in silence and peace visiting your inner self in the main hall of the temple
  • One can laze around exploring the sprawling gardens in the temple complex
  • Attend classes on humanity, affection truth and courage.
  • One can also attend the 15-minute prayer sessions indicating different religion held daily in the temple.
  • How can you miss out the short film on the Bahai religion?
  • Drop in the dusk to see the mesmerizing monument at its best visual treat with the whole temple being illuminated.
  • Grab a camera for some spectacular snaps of the monument in the backdrop of the nine enchanting ponds and garden. Although you may need extra permissions for photography inside the temple.
  • One can also know more about Bahai religion in the Information centre comprising of an audio-visual room and library.


  • Religious script, lectures or sermons is not allowed inside the temple premises.
  • Look out for tout tour guides who would end up ripping you off on the pretext of telling the history of the temple.
  • If looking out to spend a longer span of time in the temple, advised carrying own food hampers and water bottles as there is no provision inside the temple premises.


Happy visiting this magnificent Place!

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