Among so many colorful festivals being celebrated all over the India, Baisakhi is one of the most celebrated festivals as well. This festival is basically carried out as the harvesting festival in the community of the Sikh culture. The day is celebrated as the New Year in Punjab.  It also brings about the sign of the commemoration of the founding of the Khalsa that is the Sikh religion brotherhood that has been all rolled over into the sum of the new occasion. It is celebrated with complete celebration and joy as on 13th and 14th April at every single year. It is celebrated as throughout the state of Punjab that is much particularly in Amritsar.

How is Baisakhi Celebrated?

All over north of India, this festival is carried out with the festivity of the feasting all along with the bhangra dancing, folk music, and fairs. In Amritsar, the location of Golden Temple turns out to be the main corner of taking hold of the carnival.

The Baisakhi fairs are hence organized all over Punjab and this festival does bring the highlighting impact of so many of the people. Some of the local people do dress into the finest range of the clothes as well as sing and dance too. They do arrange the activities that are related with the races, wrestling bouts, acrobatics, and folk music., Different kinds of the stalls related with the selling trinkets, handicrafts, and food add to the color.

There are so many of the rituals that are also performed during the festival of the Baisakhi.

  • Starting with the day as in the morning, people comes over to visit the place of Gurudwara to attend with some special prayers. Some of the Sikh community members even make the visit over the place of revered Golden Temple in Amritsar or Anandpur Sahib. The Granth Sahib is bathed with milk and water and is then placed on a throne, and read. Karah Prasad that is the form of the sacred pudding made from butter, sugar, and flour is later on distribute
  • In the evening time, the Granth Sahib is taken out a procession that is all shared with the activities of the music, as well as singing, chanting, and performances.
  • Sikh people even perform with the car serve all through by helping out with the daily chores of the gurudwaras. This is merely taken out to be the traditional symbol of humanity in the category of the Sikhs.

Another one of the main high points of this festival has been about the Baisakhi procession or Nagar kirtan that is all carried out by means of the city under the leadership of Panj Piaras or the Five Beloved Ones.

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