Chowki Dhani – doesn’t require much introduction. It is a well-known attraction of the princely state of Rajasthan. A man-made village, specially built as a tourist spot in 1989, is spread across an area of almost 10 acres reflecting the grandeur and rich and royal culture of Rajasthan.
The land was developed as a resort to entice tourists with the experience of Rajasthani culture, food and local traditions. Set in a backdrop of a village set-up, the place features local culture, food and music.
The entire place – the village is segmented into three part – the activity area that hosts tonga ride, elephant ride, camel ride and others / the cultural area that hosts music and dance shows, puppet shows, Rajasthani acrobats and magic shows / the food area that has a restaurant by the name, Sangri that serves royal Rajasthani vegetarian food.

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The top reasons to spend a day in Chowki Dhani

1. The Folk Dance Performances

Folk dances of Rajasthan are a treat to the eyes. Some of the popular folk dances performed in the iconic Chowki Dhani are Ghoomar, Chari and Kalbeliya. The evenings are enthralled with the essence of music in the atmosphere at the place.

2. The Magic Show

Well, you all must have seen magic shows by different magicians all across the world, but in here at Chwki Dhani the treat is altogether different. Mesmerizing magic performances by local magician keeps you glued to your seats till the end.

3. Buy local artifacts and handicrafts

Kalagram in Chowki Dhani hosts numerous local artisans who have their stalls selling traditional decors, paintings, ornaments and artefacts. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get hands on with some of the amazing local products for yourself.

4. The Chaupal

Chaupla meaning ‘The Hub’ is a traditional Rajasthani vegetarian restaurant that serves delectable local cuisine in a traditional set up and in the form of thalis. Dining at Chaupal is a must when at Chowki Dhani.

5. The Animal Rides

Where on earth you can enjoy riding an elephant, a camel and a bullock cart – it’s in Chowki Dhani. Without worrying about your safety, you can enjoy animal rides in here. A must fun activity for children.

6. Haldighati Ka Yudh (The Battle of Haldighati)

The epic battle fought between the then Rajasthan dynasty and the Mughals, is something that you can be a part of here in Chowki Dhani. The memories of the battle were enacted here is a dramatic way, where the Rajput dynasty comes out victorious.

7. Enjoy World Cuisine at Chowki Dhani

Aragosta meaning ‘please eat’ is a multi-cuisine restaurant in Chowki Dhani serving some of the best Chinese and North Indian delicacies around. This themed restaurant features tastefully done royal interiors and other features.

Details of Chowki Dhani 

  • Operation timings :           00 pm till 11.00 pm on all week days.
  • Best time to visit :           Although the resort is open all year around, but the best time of the year to visit Chowki Dhani is between Octobers to March.

Chowki Dhani mean ‘Rajasthani Culture’ and this place a true depiction of its name. Millions of tourists visit the place from all around the world every year. Now, it is your turn to relive the glorious and rich culture of Rajasthan.

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