Checklist for Trekking

Complete Checklist for Trekking Trip – Heading out for a hike can be as delightful as thought, however, if you don’t have the supplies at the time, it will turn out to be one of the worst experiences. This will be ironic since trekking is something you want to enjoy, an activity that will give you the best memories for a lifetime.

To ensure that you enjoy the most of your trek and do not come back with any of the blunder stories, make a note to pack all the essentials which we will be listed below.

Before starting let’s see what NOT to do. Do not try and be a genius and carry nothing with yourself. Don’t try to trek with no bags, with just a toothbrush in the pocket of your trek pants. This kind of packing will never be helpful.

Before you head out, use this checklist to ensure that you aren’t forgetting anything important.

Complete Checklist for Trekking Trip

1. Clothing & Footwear

Clothing & Footwear

Before you start planning your trek, check the weather to ensure that you pack accordingly. To be prepared for surprises on your way, pack extra clothes beyond those which are required for the trip.

For footwear, you will have to determine based on the terrain. For instance, you will require trekking shoes on gentle hikes or smooth trails.

Make a note of packing an extra pair of clothes without a fail (beyond the minimum expectation).

2. Food & Water

Food & Water

You should pack snacks like energy bars, nuts, and jerky which you can eat easily on the trail. Water, you can start with two liters per person for the trek. However, this would all depend on the length and intensity of the trek, weather conditions, your age, sweat rate, and of course, the body type.

3. Navigation


Without fail, you should definitely have a map or a compass. It will help you determine your way if you get lost on your way.

4. Emergency & First Aid

Emergency & First Aid

You should be prepared for all kinds of problems which could come your way. Make a note of keeping a first-aid kit or first-aid supplies with yourself. You should also have lighter/matches and firestarters and an emergency shelter as well. You can never be certain what might come your way.

5. Headlamp


You can light the ways and also, keep your hands free. If you stay at homestays or with families in guest houses, you may witness no electricity at night or in the outhouse/bathroom. To ensure that no adventures take place at homestays or guest house, headlamps are a must.

6. Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleeping Bag Liner

It is not that essential on an argument basis, however, it is nice to have. So wherever are you staying, be it home stays with provided bedding or a rented sleeping bag.

It is better to sleep in your sleeping bag rather than worrying about bed bugs and other critters.

7. Walking Sticks

Walking Sticks

It is highly recommended on most of the treks, mostly for downhill sections. If you don’t get a walking stick with yourself, you will have to keep an eye for a tree branch or a limb that could be carved on purpose.

8. Hand Sanitizer Gel and Soap

To prevent any kind of illness, wash your hands thoroughly and very often.

Well, this is the list of essentials that you will be requiring on a trek, be it a one-day or multiple days.

Even when you are all packed, surprises may still come your way. For those surprises, our advice is not to panic and to enjoy those experiences. They will make you laugh when you recollect those moments.

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