Are you ready to celebrate Holi with colors this year as well? No doubt that Holi has always remained one of the favorite festivals all around the world especially in the Hindu community culture. Holi, as we defined it to be, is known for being one of the well known Hindu festivals. It is rather welcomed as in the start of the spring season. The main purpose of this festival has been all about the condition as where the good has victory over evil.  It is all known out for the different shades of the powder that is thrown on one another. This festival has been originated from the India country place. It is adopted in almost all the places of the world.

Inside Background of Holi Festival:

Holi is one such kind of the festival in India that has been celebrated as since the time of its legend. This celebration does implicate out the story about the God Vishnu who hence saved the follower Prahlada from a pyre while Prahlada’s evil aunt Holika burned. Just as the night before the celebration of the Holi festival, the bonfire event is arranged that is associated with the concept of the victory of good over evil. Colored powder is used for this festival that is also known by the name of Gulal. This color is also the best sign to welcome spring season as well.

It is an ancient festival that has been originated from India but now it has made its way into Nepal as well.  In London, this festival is celebrated as on 29th July that is almost more than four months after the actual Holi festival.

This colorful festival is not just a religious event but it is also a jubilant and fun-filled one. People of all age groups run through towns screaming, throwing brightly colored powders on each other. Every part of India celebrates the festival in its own unique and fascinating manner. In Gujarat and Maharashtra, a pot full of buttermilk is hanged high, where young boys try to reach it as girls throw colored water on them, to distract them. The one who manages to reach that height and break the pot is given the title of ‘Holi King’. Whereas, in the northern parts of the country, Holi is celebrated with music, adding to the happy atmosphere. Different songs and rhythms are played at different times of the day, creating atmospheric changes over the course of the event.

In places like Mathura, Barsana and Vrindavan, the event continues over the period of five day and is popular as “Lath Mar Holi”. In these areas ladies hit their male partners with stick (of course they do defend themselves too).

Regardless of where you are in India, Holi is a joyful festival where everyone gets involved, with no one striped from being drenched in vibrancy of colors. In every part of the country, you will find different cultures and rituals filled with colors, but the spirit of the festival remains same.

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Wish you a bring, vibrant, color-filled yet Safe Holi.

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