Holi, is referred to as the Festival of Colours. This festival may not be the religious biggest festival in the world, yet it is one of the best. The foremost that springs to mind is the people colored in powdered dye and paint flying through the air.

Holi is celebrated in India and Nepal with Hindus in millions as it is coming together on the lunar month full moon day (February / March).

The Holi history is fascinating and the main people celebrate the new season, in the spring, but it comes with a darker undertone. The Hindus believe it is the day of the year that Gods look away and it is the day of the year one gets rid of evil demons. The color is to denote the sins and it is said to be washed off at the day end so that you are reborn as clean.

Holi reduces the social norms strictness in Indians. There are gaps between age, status and gender. Together women and men, poor and rich, enjoy the company of each other in a hedonistic day. The gods will turn a blind eye in ndians as you see libertas that is rare. They open up really to see a unique side. Expect bhang, booze, and also chillum occasionally. This is what the real Holi festival is.

What is Holi Festival?
Holi festival is celebrated with friends and it is the craziest days of travels. During Holi the city teems with people making hundreds and preparations of thousands that appear to arrive every day.

The day before Holi brings a good understanding of the dos and don’ts. The locals and the areas nearby come together for this festival and this is done aiming to resolve old battles. These include supplies such as water pistols, colored dye, and water bombs.

A bonfire on the street
The streets of the cities have kids hanging on roof tops such that they pelt people who walk past and this is done with water bombs. The Indian holy men smoke chillums such that they overlook the River Ganges and everything going around. The locals party at the ghats.

Diving deep into the Holi festival is a way of embracing all that comes and this is done with open arms. It is time to enjoy with open mind so that you have the best time in your life.

Holi Festival ends with dancing to some techno beats, laughing and sharing of jokes, besides sharing a bottle of whiskey is commonly found with the locals. The parade is through the streets such that it ends at the society or community places where everyone comes together, smear colors on each other and continue with partying right into the night offering a surreal experience. There are not many words to describe or even to do some justice. It is just one thing to experience offering a lifetime memorable experience. These are celebrated in Varanasi, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and most east and northern states in India.

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