Being a vegetarian, travelling can be a hectic experience for you. The increase in non-vegetarian food across the world can make you feel quite sad if you are a traveler and an adventurer. To avoid situations where you end up not eating food for longer periods you got to have a plan so that you can eat vegetarian food while travelling.

  • Planning ahead is the best thing that you could when Travelling to New Place. Chances of you not getting good and vegan food can be low in some places but if you have planned before you can easily go through that time period with food saved from before.
sealed food
  • Also, while travelling you can be on a long train or a bus ride, where you may or may not be able to get vegetarian dishes on the bus stop. In cases like these, some packed and sealed food should always be there to help you.
  • To a place where the native language is different to yours, it is always a good idea to learn a few phrases of the language before travelling. Chances are that you will have to ask the local chef or waiter to cut the few items from the preparation of your dish.
Google Translate
  • Use of technology can help you very much in this modern age. Using online translators or mobile applications like Google Translate can help you get across your message very easily. Also, internet will help you to find vegetarian restaurants even in quite exotic places.
  • Well-Done research before traveling is like a superpower you didn’t think you can have. You will find many small joints and places where amazingly good food is served. Also, this will help you in differentiating the countries that are good for vegetarians and countries where you can suffer a bit.
  • Being in a major city almost all the time (or at least near one) can save you from all the hassles of being in a spot of bother. Even in countries and places that are generally famous for non-vegetarian cuisines, the vegetarian restaurants can be found in big cities.
Talk to other tourists
  • Talk to other tourists and people you see eating at the same restaurants as you. Chances are they may know about the place and the local food culture better than you do. Also, there is no such thing as too many foodie friends.
  • Sometimes you have to repeat a meal when you find a great place to eat. In this scenario, you have to remember that the food you are eating is great and good things are worth repeating.
  • Try to eat like a snack and not a meal when you find that there is abundance of vegan food in the local market. This will help you get out of the binge mode you are trying out as a vegetarian food lover. Also, you will be able to have access to all the local flavors in this way.
home-made food
  • Sometimes you can have time and a place where you can get access to a burner or fire. When have an opportunity, you can also cook for yourself. This is the best way to stay healthy and to surprise your taste buds with home-made food. People who may get the chance to eat food cooked by you will be your friends for a long time.

These are some of the easy tips that you can follow to have a wholesome experience of travelling with you own food preference.

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