Undoubtedly, ‘Krishna’ is the most popular Hindu deity. Prevalent with different Names – Krishna, Kanaiya, Kanha, Gopala, Makhanchor (thief of Butter), Man Mohan, Gansham and many, many more. Krishna Janamastmi or simply Janamasthmi is celebrated as the birthday lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the Avtaar (Descent) of Lord Vishnu, who was born to end up the cruelty of Raja Kans, he later scripted the most sacred scriptures of Hindu mythology- SriMadBhagwadGeeta during Mahabharata.

The day is celebrated with great splendor and show in most of the places across India. However, one place, in particular, that takes the celebration to a whole new level is Mathura – the birthplace of Lord Krishna.

The day is celebrated with different rituals. Such as:

JhulanUtsav – Swings Everywhere!

JhulanUtsav is an important part of the celebration. During this, people set upswings in their courtyards and temples and decorate it with flowers, garlands and rangoli. This is to welcome Lord Krishna and represents the fact that he was cuddled in this city when he was a kid. This is such a beautiful ritual that fills everyone with great cheerfulness, particularly females (Krishna, during his childhood, was most popular amongst females- AKA gopisJ)

Folk Dances

If you plan to visit Mathura during this Janmashtami, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the Rasleela and dance-dramas performed by the local residents. Mostly kids are dressed in the traditional attire of Sri Krishna and his Gopis. It’s believed that Lord Krishna himself loved to be a part of such activities. So, this is one of the most astonishing part of the day’s celebration

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Color and flower decoration in every nook and corner of Mathura

All the Ghatas and temples and even the clothes of the statues are decorated in a uniform theme and bright color. This is what makes the city look so shiny during Janmashtami.

Delicious Food

No Indian festival is complete without wide variety of food and sweets. The people of Mathura start the celebrations a month before the festival. That means you can enjoy flavorsome food for an entire month if you plan to visit the place around Janmashtami.

Although, the day is celebrated in many other parts of India and other countries such as Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Assam, but nothing can beat the liveliness and enthusiasm of the Mathura City.

Many people, especially, North Indians consider, Mathura as a holiday destination due to its religious importance and close proximity to Delhi. And during Janmashtami, this holy city transforms into a place that provides an experience of a lifetime. So, there is a huge rush in the city.

If you stay in Delhi or nearby cities, be sure to pay a visit to the holy city to experience Mathura Janmashtami in real.

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Wishing everyone a fun-filled and effervescent Janamasthmi From the team of Stepinn Hotels.

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