The Andaman is the beauty in the Bay of Bengal Their scenic beauty is extravagant and the island shimmers like emeralds in the Bay of Bengal. It is a union territory of India which consists of two groups of islands at the southeastern side of the Bay of Bengal. Port Blair is the only airport to visit Andaman.

For Adventure seeker this the best places to visit as both who knows swimming or doesn’t know can try out this water sports.As these water Sport doesn’t need to be pro in swimming.
Andaman has quite a few things which are the Hidden gems of the island and these things should not be missed.

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Listed below are things not to miss in Port Blair:

1. Cellular Jail
This a prison made by British East India Company which is turned into a Museum for visitors. It is known as Kalapani. A light a sound show takes place in the evening where the old Peepal tree describes the torture by the British on the prisoners.

2. Ross Island
A small island few miles from Port Blair. Ships from Port Blair come here. There are church and graveyard of Old British men. During World War 2 Japanese made bunkers on that island which are still present. A few Deer are present also. The colour of the sea seems turquoise blue in colour here.

3. North Bay Island
This is the island in 20 rupees note with a lighthouse. This is the best to indulge in watersports like

  • Undersea Walking
  • Banana Boat Rides -Here six people can ride these boats that are shaped like a banana.They are tied behind a speed boat to gain a rush
  • Snorkelling -In this underwater marine life can be seen as the rare corals
  • Scuba Diving– in this activity, trainers take you deep inside the water to show various beautiful underwater corals and swarms of fishes.
  • Parasailing – Non-swimmers can even enjoy this as they are tied to a kite to fly behind a very high speed boat.
  • Sport Fishing Or Angling
  • Glass Bottom Boating- The corals are present all over a vast area and the natural surroundings make it picture perfect.

4. Jolly Buoy
Jolly Buoy is a National marine park which needs government permission to go where no plastic bottles are allowed. The marine life is beautiful to watch under the crystal clear water. It is very famous for under water corals of various shapes and different colours.

5. Baratang Island
 This the best gem between South Andaman where Native jar was lives and Middle Andaman in a nearby island. The speed Boat ride through the narrow waterways among the creepy mangroves is scary yet thrilling. The limestone stone cave is present which has marvellous natural sculpture created by nature. There is also an Active mud volcano present which looks fascinating.

The best time to visit the islands is between November covers the winter season and May which covers the summer season. The climate is clear with a pleasant breeze and to enjoy the sun and breeze.

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