Rann of Kutch- Is the world’s largest salt desert, being in Thar Desert of Kutch District, Gujarat. It is a seasonal salt marsh which remains covered in water during monsoons and during winter the water evaporates leaving a salty crust. The visit to this location is one of the outs of the world experiences with mesmerizing views and experiences of culture and tradition. The enthralling experience of this enormous deserted land is the Rann Utsav which draws tourist from all across the globe. It is a must-visit destination of India to be part of your bucket list once in your lifetime.

Let’s dig deep into what to expect on your visit

Best time to visit:

It remains covered with an enormous patch of salt for eight months of the year. Hence the ideal time to visit this place is from October to March. If you want to avoid the maddening tourist crowd, one can visit during end of March month.

Usually, early mornings and evenings are the best time to visit this unique destination.

How to reach:

Rann of Kutch is only accessible by road and Bhuj is the nearest connected destination. Bhuj is well-connected all across India via Air and rail. Also, there are various buses which ply from various parts of Gujarat to Bhuj. It is 1.5 hours by road away from Bhuj.

Now let’s see what experiences to encounter during your visit.

Top 8 things to do whilst here:

  • Spend an eventful time in Rann Utsav:

The most remarkable experience which is well-known to Kutch is its Rann Utsav. Every year held around November 1st to February 20th. The best way to feel the Gujarati culture in form of its varied activities ranging from Camel cart Excursion, Golf cart to folk dance and music performances, traditional food indulgences to display of exquisite region specific textiles and handicrafts. Next time planning your trip to Kutch, block your dates around the Utsav for ultimate fun.

  • Head to the Wild Ass Sanctuary:

Located in Rann of Kutch in about 2 hours drive from Ahmedabad, is this sanctuary which is the only place where Indian Wild Ass inhabits. A must visit for wildlife lovers for a one-of its kind experience.

  • Have some beach fun at Mandvi Beach:

Spend a half day, strolling the Mandvi beach watching the windmills. Try your hand for a camel ride in the beach and also head to the Vijay Vilas Palace to do some re-winding.

  • Visit the highest point in Kutch:

Head to this sunset point named Kala Dungar for a breath-taking view of Rann. One can also head to India bridge i.e. the closet border with Pakistan, which lies nearby Kala Dungar.

  • Do not miss the visit to Worlds Oldest civilization:

How can you miss out some history digging by visiting the recently excavated ancient site of Dholavira? It is situated on the island of Khadir Bet of the Great Rann. The road journey to this archaeological site amidst the white Rann is one of the most mesmerizing experiences while here.

  • Take the Handicraft village tour to dive into the Kutch culture:

While in the Great Rann, never miss out the visit to the handicraft villages for true cultural experiences. Dhordo and Hodka are the famous villages located at a distance of 5Kms and 22 Kms respectively from the White desert, to witness Kutch art and handicraft

  • Spend some time in peace at Narayan Sarovar:

Narayan Sarovar is one of pilgrimage destination of India, situated at 150 Kms from Bhuj city, a part of the itinerary to The Rann of Kutch. It is home to a wildlife sanctuary and ancient temple called Koteshwar.

  • Never miss out stay at Eco resorts:

While visiting the White desert always opt to stay in mud houses of Eco resorts. Rann Riders, Desert Adventure in Little Rann etc. are few famous ones to choose from.

 Take care of:

  • One needs a permit to enter Great Rann of Kutch and is available at the check-post on the way to Rann.
  • If planning to visit the India Bridge, the permit would be obtained from the Police station in Bhuj.
  • Plan your dates as such that you get a chance to experience a full moon night at the White Desert.

 Happy tripping to the White desert of Great Rann of Kutch!!

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