Ranthambore National Park isn’t an ordinary park. Its beauty is not only confined to the animals but what makes it more charming is the aesthetic presence of flora and fauna. This is the biggest national park in Northern India which lies in SawaiModhpurdistrict of southern Rajasthan.

It is an epitome of beauty for everyone who celebrates and cherish wildlife (add a link to wildlife page). The land is spread over an area of 392 sq km which is home to many tigers. Visitors get to experience an exotic view of nature from their naked eyes finding tigers in their bare state making love to their cubs and finding prey for the hunt. Diurnal tigers get the park, fame. And, the presence of Bengal Tigers cannot be missed out. Thus, it makes the park a tiger territory too. But what adds more to it is that this park has been considered as Tigers’ paradise yet the place used to be the private hunting ground for the kings of Jaipur. Though lions are also known as a king of the jungle but each tiger of Ranthambore carries a legacy of legend who backs a story behind their special reputation. The cubs are brought up with the taste of blood.

The park continues to be eyes’ apple for wildlife photographers from all over the world.

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Apart from tigers what makes it more interesting is the presence of birds, reptiles, marsh crocs reptiles, amphibian species and 300 flora species which makes it fit for the vegetation.

The most noticeable park is dhok (Anogeissus pendula) which has a majority of the tree cover.

Ranthambore’s rich terrain and sound availability of water make it attractive for birds to reside in. The excellent population of birds includes 272 species. To have a closer look at them locations like Malik Talao, the Ranthambore Fort, RajbaghTalao, etc are suitable.

Most captivating birds of Ranthambore are Graylag Goose, Woodpeckers, Indian Gray Hornbills, Common Kingfishers, Bee Eaters, Cuckoos, Parakeets, Asian Palm Swift, etc.

To tour the park, there are safari rides for visitors. The vehicles for the same constitute of a Canter with a capacity of 20 people and another is Jeep with a capacity of 6 people. Timings for Safari varies from season to season.

Ranthambore consists of tourist attractions which include Ranthambore Fort, Jogi Mahal (forest guesthouse), Bakula, Kachida Valley, Lakarda and Anantpura, Raj Bagh Ruins and much more.

Ranthambore isn’t only about nature but what can add more adventure to your trip is places like Agra, Bharatpur, and Jaipur which polishes your visit with culture and heritage too.

Well, now I guess we’ve adored the park enough. Now it’s time to get in there fast but packing is never complete without clothes so don’t worry. The clothing depends entirely upon the season you’re visiting. And, wait. Did I miss out on pictures and social media? Umm, yes. I did but then don’t panic communication and networks are not fluctuating in Ranthambore so you can post your experiences and induce others as well to come such an awesome place and cherish the beauty of God in every form.

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