Tips For Booking Cheap Accommodation

Accommodation takes away the biggest chunk of money in any Trip That You Are Planning. So much so that, hotels do overcharge you in the name of the best time to visit a particular place. There are a few tips and tricks to save money when you are traveling to different places. Even though each place has its own unique method of doing particular things, these tips will help you to get the best out of every situation.

1. Choose free bookings

Booking accommodation in advance is the way to go in the last few years. But where this system lets down is with things like cancellation fee. Try to book the accommodation free of cost and use schemes like ‘book now, pay later’. This method will save you a lot of money if the plan changes at the last minute.

2. Consider hostel

This method is of great use in cities and towns having colleges and universities. The chances of staying in the dorm room are increased when you try to save money. Also, in hostels, you will find extraordinary people and their stories. Living in a hostel is a very good accommodation method if you travelling to a foreign country.

3. Avoid weekends

The two ways to avoid the weekend are either staying mid-week or use the Sunday to your advantage. Some locations will give you cheaper accommodations on Sunday as the people generally finish their trip before Monday hits. Also, as the people are usually working during the week, the mid-week days will be casting you a little less as compared to Friday and Saturday.

4. Share the costs

If you can find people who are ready to share an apartment or a flat with you, then you are in luck. This actually can turn out to be the best travelling advice ever. The more people rent a particular place, the smaller the share each one has to pay. This method is used in places where tourists are high in number.

5. Avoid the hotspots

Finding cheaper accommodations in the city center is the most difficult thing you can do while traveling. When you seem to run out of luck on that option, try to get away from that spot and look for a hotel a little far from the main city or a nearby town. You’ll be surprised to see how much money you can save by opting for accommodation which is distant from the main area.

6. Use reward programs

If you go to a place frequently, try to stay in the same place. This will end up giving you the benefits that regular customers can get. Also, if you prefer a brand or a franchise, it can be good for you as these agencies give regular extra benefits apart from some cost cuts.

7. Use social media

Using social media to follow some hotels will tell you about any offers or benefits they will be giving any time soon. Also, things like signing up for the newsletter of good traveling influencers could help you get any advantage that is particular to that place. They also are a great source of getting some discount coupons and direct deals.

These are some of the tips and tricks which you can use while travelling, in order to get cheaper than usual accommodations.

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