Tips to Travel Light!

Packing light can be one of the toughest challenges which any traveler can face. Since no one likes to pay for extra baggage, there are some tips for you travelers out there to travel light.

Along with no excess baggage fees, there are several other benefits of packing light, which is listed below –

  • No large tips to porters to get your luggage to the room.
  • No airport trolly fees.
  • Save yourself some time – Quick to pack at home and your destination as well.
  • You can go to multi destinations with the least hassle.
  • There are minimized risks of any kinds of physical injuries by carrying all the luggage around.
  • You don’t have to worry anymore about the airlines losing your luggage.

So when everyone’s waiting at baggage claim looking at the belt go round and round, you‘ll be breezing past them and hailing a cab to get on with your adventures!

On this note, here are a few tips for packing light –

1. Say NO to Big Suitcases, Say HELLO to Small Ones

Say NO to Big Suitcases, Say HELLO to Small Ones -

Whatever you need to pack, start with a smaller bag since it will help you in the long run.

And so when you’re packing for your next trip, rather than having an overflowing big suitcase, use this tip as a game-changer.

The easiest change in the backpack which you can manage is changing from a 70 litre/15 kg to a 55 litre/10kg bag.

2. Use Travel Scales for Accuracy

Rather than guessing the weight of your bag, use travel scales for accuracy. Uh, checking the weight of your bag at the airport is LATE if you had packed too much.

3. Use a Packing Checklist

Use a Packing Checklist

Rather than packing while going through your things, use a list and STICK TO IT.

Use the mantra – Packing the essentials using a list only, if it’s not in the list, it shouldn’t be going in your bag.

4. Keep Limited pair of Shoes

Keep Limited pair of Shoes

Don’t pack shoes for each occasion, or according to your dresses. Pack a maximum of three dual-purpose pair of shoes.

I understand that it’s nice to have a distinct pair of shoes with each dress; however, you got to curb yourself since shoes take up a lot of space in your bag.

5. Avoid Packing Thick and Heavy Clothes

Avoid Packing Thick and Heavy Clothes

Rather than packing thick and heavy clothes, pack a couple of thin layers. Tip from our side is to buy some technical clothing, i.e. lightweight winter clothing or some kinds of thin thermals.

Even a pair of tights or leggings beneath your clothes add warmth without adding any weight.

6. Don’t Pack any Largest Wearable Items

Don’t Pack any Largest Wearable Items

Since the most massive wearables will take up the maximum space in your suitcase, wear these items.

So don’t pack your jeans or boots, wear them. Anyways the temperature will be almost same in the airports and your destination so you might as well wear them.

Well, this is pretty much with the list which I had in store for you all. I hope this will come in handy when you are packing for your next trip.

Let us know which tips were useful for you and if you have any other suggestions, do let us know.

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