Are you seeing caparisoned camels, bright colored turbans, the Thar Desert dusty echoes, and ancient shimmering fortress, Jaisalmer is nothing short of an Arabian fantasy.  Visiting the Golden City of India, you will know about the ancient walls and practice the desert state beautiful culture of Rajasthan.

Here is a list of top things to do in Jaisalmer:

1. Camel Riding

A cultural bonanza is desert safari for travelers who wish to taste the Rajasthan tradition. Jaisalmer is referred to as the Golden City in India.  It is an amazing place at a distance from the city bustle experiencing the desert life. You can spend evenings in the Thar Desert and enjoy conversing with tribal communities. You are sure to enjoy a magical evening amidst sunset scenic views in the ancient Jain temples as the heritage or can gorge on the delicacies home-cooked at a gypsy village.

2. The Old Fort
The Jaisalmer Fort historic ruins is in Rajasthan the second oldest to lure travelers and to learn about their astonishing heritage. This fort is in sandstone standing on the Trikuta Hill inhabited by over 4000 people. As you pass the Sonar Quilagargantuan gates, you can get a glimpse in the winding gullies of the local culture and get lost in the intricacy of temples surrounding the fort. It is a charming place worth visiting.

3. A meeting with Ghosts

A curious explorer must not miss the ghost town. Wander around an abandoned village that has sandstone ruins. It is 18 kms from Jaisalmer. This village was a settlement, a Paliwal Brahmins flourishing estate. However, people abandoned the village as they were distressed by the ruler and oppressed by taxes. Thus, nobody knew the whereabouts of the inhabitants of the village that the Kuldhara intriguing ruins and the eerie backdrop made it a worth visiting place for tourists.

4. The Gadisar Lake
In the 12th century, this Lake was a perfect catchment built to conserve water. Admirable effort was made by a king who envisioned in the desert a prosperous life. The Gadisar Lake established the system of rain water harvesting to channel water into the Jaisalmer arid city. Today it is popular for tourists who love boat ride or even if one wishes to engage in bird watching. Visitors can enjoy gorgeous sights, watch the golden hues falling on the ashore standing ancient shrines.

5. Bazaars of Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer is certainly a colorful city brimming in the narrow lanes full of activity and waiting is a lively crowd. It presents an opulent blend of craft and culture, in the Jaisalmer streets such that you find a mix of hand embroidered jootis, mirror-worked skirts, silver jewelry chunks and more. You can take puppets in vivid colors or bargain with merchants for an intricate wooden art piece at the Jaisalmer bustling market. For unique choices visit Hari Om Jewelers and get miniature mementos such as rice grains depicting imperial scenes as they are engraved with painted ornaments or vistas.

6. Sample Local Food
Rajasthan is popular for its culinary destinations, regardless of the water scarcity. In Jaisalmer for non-veg delicacies consider the street foods and gulp a cool thandai to quench your thirst or get ready for a wholesome dal bhaati and sweet laddoos.

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