Making lives easier is the aim and the same is with backpacking. Trotting is not easy and here you can find a list of travel hacks for backpackers that are worth knowing.

  1. Do not pay at the airport for water

Things have become strict recently with bottles of liquid.  A bottle with liquid at the airport is a strict no. So, bring a full bottle or carry an empty bottle, once you pass the security, refill it with water and do not pay for water at the airport.

  1. More space, roll your clothes

A simple and effective travel hack is to roll your clothes than folding them. This will save space and also stop the wrinkles and creases.

  1. Carry a portable phone charger

This seems simplistic, but is really useful. Carrying a phone charger that is portable is best as it appears as an external battery to charge using a USB connector separately or it can be replenished even with a battery store bought. These portable phone chargers are useful in case of emergency in case your phone is completely without any juice.

  1. Turn onlineto ‘Private Browsing’ for cheaper flights

Travel sites and Airline sites record your visits on your browser by installing cookies. This cause the prices to rise as you search for flights. It is a trick to getting you into buying the flight sooner and they promote impulse buying. You may switch to private browsing and book flights with ease.

  1. Email yourself a passport scan

There will be a time when you will thank yourself and it will be when you become a victim of loss or theft. Taking a screenshot is useful. Having the journey confirmations of booked flights, trains or buses is your phone; tablet or laptop is a must. Make sure to have a screenshot so that you are able to access them. This is a travel hack that you cannot ignore.

  1. Make your own TV in an airplane

In case your plane is lacking personal TVs, you need not worry as you can now create your own TV using your phone and a plastic bag. Just place your device inside the bag, position it such that you are able to hook it to the tray-table back. Obviously, you may use the metal bits of your sick-bag, to keep the TV steady and enjoy watching your choice of programs.

  1. Use ATMs to get local currency

Use the ATMs and get the national currency than running to the bureau de change or the currency exchange.  The money converters rip-off the exchange rates and also has their fees, that is really worse.

  1. Mark fragile on your baggage

Marking fragile means your baggage is handled with care and will be in the plan storage compartment pile top. This ensures no waiting time as you can get the back at the first place on the conveyor belt.

  1. Charge through TV

Forgot or lost your charger wall plug? No worries, the TVs feature a USB connector on the side or back, just plug in and watch the charging icon of your mobile battery ticking up.

Now, that you know, travelling as a backpacker is not a rocket science and is fairly adventurous and economical. Try out something new, pack your backpack and get ready for your next trip.

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