When we talk about Kolkata it is the city that is perfect reflection of colonial heritage. From million reasons such as famous Howrah Bridge, Trams, Victoria Memorial, the glamorous Durga Puja’s etc are not the only ones why one heads to this city. The culinary diversity is also one such reason why travellers flock in to enjoy this city. This is definitely a one-stop destination for foodies.

Looking out for a culinary ride, here is an exhaustive list of foods which one should try whilst in Kolkata. Be it street food or its traditional delicacies, it does have it both.

Foods one must try without miss while in Kolkata are:

1. Mutton Curry:

Mutton curry or otherwise locally called Kosha Mangsha is a spicy mutton curry which despite the richness in the gravy is a must-have among locals with luchi(Bengali style pooris) and parathas.

Best Places: Golbari

2. Chicken Kabiraji:

Unique yet tasty chicken delicacy to snack on which is made up of minced chicken combined with bread crumbs and eggs. This dish goes great with spicy and tangy mustard sauce.

Best Places: Mitra Cafe

3. Chelo Kebab:

This plater of Kebab is a must try in the food list because it is a combination of both chicken and mutton along with steam rice and vegetables. This delicacy is almost a meal in itself.

Best Place: Peter Cat

4. Combination of Kachori, Aloo curry and Jalebi:

Another local yet delicious snacking option here in Kolkata is a plate of Kachori with potato curry coming with sweet accompaniment of jalebi. The kachoris can be of hing or moong dal. A dish definitely worth your palate!

Best Places: Putiram, Maharaja/Maharani and Radha Ballavi

5. Chickpeas curry:

Another street food of Kolkata, chickpeas curry is the favourites among the locals. It is served with temperament of chopped onions and coriander leaves.

Best Places: Dacres Lane

6. Traditional Fish gravy :

The staple Bengali dish which is a must-have in almost every household and can be enjoyed in every nook and corner of Kolkata from chic places to street corner.

Best Places: Bhajahori Manna

7. Kathi Rolls:

This is yet another delicacy which has found its roots here in Kolkata. From vegetarian versions to mutton and chicken ones, this dish is surely a must try.

Best Places: Nizams, Campari and Zeeshan

8. Authentic Biryani

Even though when we talk Biryani, it’s other places which pop our head, However, the Kolkata style Biryani is also something to try. Another fascinating part is this Biryani comes with potatoes in it as well.

Best Places: Royal Indian Hotel and Arsalan

9. Prawn Curry Bengali style:

Among the Bengali cuisines for prawn, the Kochu Pata Chingri scores the list. It is authentic Bengali dish cooked with taro leaves. Try it and you will be left spellbound.

Best Places: Kasturi

10. Tibetan titbits:

Streets of Territi Bazar is full of small eateries selling all kinds of Tibetan food ranging from rice noodles, rice pudding, dumplings to prawn chips

Best Places: Tangra and Territi Bazar

11. Rezala:

Among the Mughlai cuisines if one dish that is in the hit list is this mutton dish named Rezala. This yoghurt based mutton curry goes best with all kinds of nans( tandoor flatbread)

Best Place: Sabir Restaurant in Chandini Market

For your sweet tooth:

12. Bengali sweet curd:

A sweet delicacy which is a typical Bengali speciality and for which Kolkata is widely known for. It is none another than sweet caramelized frozen yoghurt. These are served in earthen pots to add its flavour and charm.

Best Places: Bheem Nag and Jadav Chandra Das, Mithai and Jugals.

13. Sandesh:

One of the most popular sweet dish which is typical to Kolkata. Being made from cottage cheese, sugar and milk this delicacy definitely melts in your mouth giving a perfect ending to your sumptuous Bengali lunch or dinner.

Best Places: Radharam Mullik and Nakur Nandy

14. Chom Chom:

Another typical Bengali sweet dish is this Chom Chom and is found in most of the sweet shops in Kolkata. It is a must inclusion in festivities for Kolkata.

Best Places: K.C Das

Stop reading and splurge into action by diving into this palatable world of Kolkata to feel it for yourself!!

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