Things to Do in Amritsar

The Golden City, is the land of Cultural Multiplicity of India. Home of Golden temple, Amritsar is rich in Punjab culture. Here are few things, you need not miss, if you are travelling to Amritsar.

1. Golden temple


First and foremost is the Golden Temple – Heart and Soul of Amritsar. As the name indicates, the temple is truly made of gold and other precious stones. It is a visual treat for the visitor. Also known as Sri Darbar Sahib, the temple is the holy shrine of Sikh religion. The temple is surrounded by pool of water known as Amrit Sarovar. It is open to public round the clock. Look at the magnificence of temple closely and there is no limit to delight one can experience

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2.Wagah ceremony


Wagah is the border between Pakistan and India and is also known as Berlin Wall of Asia. The Wagah Border ceremony begins at 5 PM every day, with the marching of soldiers of India and Pakistan, who concludes by lowering the flags together, as a sign of unity and oneness. This amazing ceremony is sure to make your heart feel the deep love for India.

3. Jallianwala Bagh


The Jallianwala Bagh tragedy that occurred during the time of India’s freedom in 1919, where the British company shut the gates of the garden and killed innocent and passive civilians who were there to celebrate the Punjab National Day. Many of them, jumped into the well, to escape the bullets. Today, an everlasting flame burns at the entrance, in honor of the victims. The bullet marks are still there and have been highlighted on the walls and the well is covered by steel net. There is a monument tower; and the museum preserves the photographs of that unpleasant incident.

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4. Try local Food


Amritsari kulcha, Dal Makhani, Rajma-Rice, Shahi Paneer topped up by a large glass of Lassi….yummm. Trip to Amritsar is imcomplete without tasting the Local Food on its streets. People of Amritsar will welcome you with finger-licking food. Once can walk through the streets, you will smell the pulling aroma of food all around. Try it out!

5. Shop till you drop


The city of Amritsar is like a land of colors, music, food and rich traditions. You can shop for beautiful handicrafts like phulkaris (traditional embroidery), hand-woven carpets, blankets, colorful stoles and Patiala salwar (the traditional Indian garments with a Punjabi twist in design). Besides, Punjabi Masalas, papads and pickles are some of the other must-buys in Amritsar.

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